Malta & iGaming- What can it offer you?

Why Malta and Igaming blog pic

Magic Mondayz is an international recruitment consultancy specializing in the iGaming industry. Before you look into our job opportunities, you might be wondering what iGaming is, where iGaming companies are located, and what kinds of roles are offered. Luckily, Magic Mondayz is here to give you some information on the industry and help you understand why you should pack your bags and head straight to Malta, Gibraltar, Poland, or Tallinn if you’re looking for a fun work environment and fast career progression in this global and flourishing industry!

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Next destination – Barcelona

Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

Magic Mondayz has recently started recruiting for a few positions based in Barcelona. We realised that many candidates would like to move there but don’t really know what the capital city of Catalonia has to offer. We decided to interview a few friends living and working in this beautiful city to find out how come they decided to move to Barcelona and what do they like the most about living there.

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